Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Muslim Marriage Events In Manchester For a Luxurious And Memorable Wedding

Marriage puts a protective shell around your relationship that keeps your bond strong.It gives couples a sense of security that they’ll stay together no matter what.It’s harder to leave if everyone you know identifies you as being part of a married couple,as opposed to an individual person who happens to be dating so and so.Married couples settle into a sense of rootedness and calmness to ensure they’d be living or make an ultimate level of commitment that our society recognizes  hoping of a lifelong, satisfying and loving relationship.Marriage is a partnership and friendship more than anything else.Building a life together will mutually influence one another in all kinds of ways.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Professional Muslim Marriage Events At Manchester For Effective Wedding Services

Love shows in many forms. Love in marriage is the ultimate emotional   union between two human beings. There are different levels of emotional union between two human beings,but marriage is special because of the understanding and love between the couples where two people share physical , emotional and spiritual bonding.A soul mate is a person with whom you have a deep feeling or affinity,similarity,love,sex,intimacy,sexuality,spirituality and compatibility.Finding your soul mate is the ultimate romantic bond you can achieve with another person.Marriage is the highest form of love that reunites the soul mates fuse together to become one and return to the ultimate being.In marriage a man and a woman bond together as one.Marriage brings an ultimate lifelong bond.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Muslim Marriage Events Leicester

We are holding the next muslim marriage event on Saturday 20th January 2019 at Tipu Sultan Restaurant, 36 The Parade, Oadby, LE2 5BF
Open Event (Open to all British Muslims)
An event to provide a platform for people seeking partners in marriage is now taking place. It is open to everyone, and all candidates will have an opportunity to interact with other individuals. Advisors will also be available to support and assist individuals who feel shy or unable to initiate discussions with others.
Please keep in mind these events are conducted in a professional and formal manner.
To ensure an equal ratio, space availability will be determined by a first come-first serve basis. 
If you believe you would benefit by this arrangement and would like to book your place in our event, please contact one of our advisors. Details are attached herewith.
Please play your part, and forward this message to all Muslim brothers and sisters seeking a partner in marriage.
A 3 course buffet meal and soft drinks will be provided on the day.
For more info please call Alisha on 07737309349 or Mo on 07738638325 or visit

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Make Your Wedding Event Hassle Free &Memorable With Muslim Marriage Events In London

Marriages are made in heaven and every couple dreams of a unique and memorable wedding.It is a faithful, loving and life-giving union between a man and a woman. It is an institution that is publicly recognized exclusively for its distinctive capability to come up with human life and to fulfill children’s deepest desires for love and attachment.Wedding is different and distinguished due to its permanency along with expressing the fullness of humanity in male and female.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Glorious Muslim Marriage Events In Birmingham That Specializes In Innovative Approach To Wedding Design

Marriage provides a safe venue for nurturing a loving and committed relationship between a husband and wife in which they can support each other for better or worse.A married couple lives in the blessings of God, and through the lord’s grace,their partnership is strengthened.Hope starts with realizing that marriage can be more amazing than you have experienced or even thought.Marriage provides an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your wife and children,It is also a spiritual and emotional union.Love is a holy feeling and we are human beings and we do have special feelings for very special people.The feeling of compassion helps in driving the human race.Planning a successful event can be overwhelming.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Ideal Muslim Marriage Event Management At Manchester

Marriage is based on trust and love and the promise to be the best partner possible.It is defined as a legal religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of a man and  a woman to live as husband and wife.Marriages are totally based on trust and togetherness,and without this marriage cannot last.It’s about knowing the good as well as bad,the thrills and joys versus the pain and sadness.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Muslim Marriage Events At Manchester For A Successful&Memorable Marriage Event

Marriage is an important aspect of every human being,it provides a safe venue for the rearing of offspring and it nurtures a loving and committed relationship between a husband and a wife in which they can support each other for better or for worse.Getting married is probably most of your attention is focused on the wedding,comes the rest of your life.How do you keep your marriage life happy after the big day?Marriage offers that kind of facility to stick with another and share the life.When one spends time with another the relationship becomes emotional and a loving one.Society sees marriage as something divine and legal,as a result,married couples receive numerous benefits.When a married couple chooses to live together,they vow to protect,love and stand by each other’s rough moment together.Marriage is an act of conjugation of two humans and meeting of two souls to form one.Marriage is a teamwork where the couple is the ultimate player.It forms a union where they love,laugh,and live together.Marriage keeps both the parties together.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Luxuriate In Wonderful Wedding Event Management

Marriage is a commitment that brings couples together and makes them stay happily and peacefully together.Building a family and getting married is probably the biggest and the most important thing in your life and now you might wonder how to have a happy marriage.Always show respect and listen to your partner,you have the right to demand that he does the same to you.Your marriage relations are just as rare and unique.Nobody can duplicate exactly your marriage or love relationship.It’s unique and that makes it special.If you add to that attention and care that you choose to give your partnership,you can really see how valuable it is.Marriage re frames your outlook.Luxuriate in what is wonderful about it and be sure to express lots of appreciation to your partner for every little thing.
If you are trying to plan your wedding,it can be a lot of overwhelming and stressed feeling.There are so many things to organize and it is hard to know where to begin!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The marriage starts out as a huge celebration. Every couple dreams and hopes for their future life together. Partners should understand each other, and that it is for the love of and desire to commit to them that they make their vows and pray for a successful marriage.Healthy boundaries are essential in marriage, for boundaries create a balance between what is necessary for the relationship to grow, and what is required to remain true to oneself and one's convictions. Open and honest conversation are essential to a mature marriage. A couple that have developed a healthy rapport, in which they share about each other honestly and openly, are a couple not only in love, but in trust.Love is foundation in marriage and trust is the central pillar, it seeks to support and open,honest conversation the mortar that holds it upright.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Unique Muslim Marriage Events at Manchester

Marriage brings a strong nexus between men and women with a promise of staying happily together and understanding each other. It is a sacred covenant that gives meaning to their union, as they vow to be together until death do them part. Protecting this sanctity is one of the ways we can tribute to our past and have more hope in the future.It is a beautiful way for people to celebrate their love by respecting each other. People's love can still be respected without marriage.The art of marriage makes people happier,live longer and builds more economic security.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Muslim Marriage Events In London

The importance of marriage cannot be overemphasized because of its strategic role it plays in putting society in its right position.It is the foundation of families,religious institutions,governance ,the military and other pillars upon which societal hope is anchored.Marraige is the platform on which one is permitted to procreate for the purpose of keeping the human organism in existence.Marraige is a special union of man and woman.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Brilliant Wedding Planners For a Unique Wedding

Marriage is supposed to strengthen and tie a man and woman together.It is a lifetime union and pathway to build a family, which is the basic unit of society. It is committed to showing that both are ready to settle down.marriage is designed for purity.The bond of marriage gives the sense deeply satisfying love with emotional attachment.With love comes the feeling of respect towards the person you love.With our systematic and organized group called Marriage Events in London. With advanced expertise the team name Star Events has become a pioneer in Marriage Events Management in London .

Thursday, 26 July 2018

The Perfect Event Planners For Marriage Connecting Muslim Boys &Girls

Marriage forms an important part of every individual's life and so is finding the right match. This is an institution where you are supposed to spend the rest of your life in. Thus, it reunites two souls with oneness, purity, and love. Sometimes planning a marriage event can be overwhelming, stressful and also expensive. Besides the budget, the most important part is planning the event professionally. Here at Muslim Marriage Events, we aim to organize a perfect wedding event to unite Muslim boys and girls solely for the purpose of seeking an ideal marriage. We understand the difficulties in finding a suitable Muslim partner for genuine Muslim singles.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Destination Wedding Planner for Memorable Event

Marriage is sweet and greatly rewarding if everything is managed well and the necessary supplements are in place. The definition of love we bring to marriage has everything to do with whether we are enjoying love or not. Many of us dream of a successful married life.People who are in love live the moment happily and joyfully. Love is the foundation upon which we build a relationship in terms of a successful marriage.

Thursday, 28 June 2018


A day to remember, a Dress to be so special and the memory that would melt your heart at any given date and time. Your Marriage day! Well it’s this day of success in all forms of engagements. Just think about it. If your mind is happy it shows how successful you get in life. Well we are not talking about money but finding one self in these large ocean of Lost souls. Have you been there and now you found the love of your life and then you are married and the you get old in your marriage and feel that this is a successful  life and there could be nothing better that this. Well if yes or no we have a choice, a choice to make your loved one to breathe the happiest moment of their life though a memorable gift “The Marriage”


Is our life complete? If yes then why most of spend a lot of time thinking and living for others. Why is there a sacrifice involved in each selfless act? Why do we have to compromise? Well it’s a little rolling stone of emotion that become a reason to create a strong bond between two loved ones. This little emotion called Love creates a history in itself in each and everyone’s life. We love to celebrate this Love in the form of Marriage through a well organized and experienced group called the Muslim Marriage Events in London. With years of experience and advanced expertise the team with the name Star Events has become a pioneer in the Marriage Events Management in London.


Is that true when they say Marriage is a dream come true? Or when they feel that it’s such a great Luck that people get married. Will I feel it’s more than a reality? A reality that most people now a day’s fail to accept. It could be for many reasons or commitments , responsibilities in life or priorities. With everything said and done there is one driving factors for all our endeavors and that is Love. Anything and everything existing in this world can be loved. Well how great it would be when the same thing can love you back and make you feel special just the way you do it for them. A step towards that reality is the first step towards a happy married life. It’s all about respect we display for each other that takes us this long way. If this is unbelievable you need to thing about the soldiers who sacrifice their life for this country, aren’t they married? Yes most of them are. Now that’s how special and important is this relationship of marriage. A strong unshakable bond of trust, respect and unconditional love.


All we can do is to be who we are, all we can do is to be where we are, and all we can do is just Be True to your love. That would finally define the intensity of our commitment and the density of love for one another. People say Love is mother of all relationships and it’s true. This true love can create that bond between relationships that raises above all the odds. It sometime can be challenging when are in a relationship for a while to maintain the same vigor when you started one. But look back thing about the day you got married and have made it this far. How much matured you became and how much experience you gained. The thoughts of your marriage will get you out of all the negativity and that how powerful is your marriage day.

Friday, 4 May 2018


Wedding bells are ringing and the showers of glory are falling all for you on this day. Is that your wedding and is not that the best day of your life. Celebrations are on the high with all your loved ones around you. This is the day especially tailor-made or carved as part of your destiny. It is the day in which lies a promise, a promise to protect each other till death. Now the question lies is that a commitment worth it. Is your life so easy to be exchanged for someone else? We believe so, that why we have made this day so special for you. We are the Star Event team who specialize in Muslim marriage events in Birmingham. Well for us it is just not an event it’s just you and your love. The love that we have been striving for all our life.  A promise to keep the fire of love burning between you and your companion.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


One of the hot topics that are often craved for is unsuccessful relationships, beak ups, or giving up on each other. Is not everything all right when both are together? Is not everything fine in this world when on trust another in love? Is not everything perfect if we can understand each other so well that we narrow down the fact of ego between those once called “love birds?”Some say that life is not a bed of roses. Throw back at all your wonderful memories to your first day of marriage that bed of roses does it ring a bell. Those beautiful promises made between two. That dinner time conversations conquered over situations growing worse and that memory of promising each other to walk though every thick and thin.


A reason to share the unconditional and unspoken emotions as innocent as the heart of a child. We begin this wonderful journey of love under a single roof of faith, trust and profound admiration for one another. With two empty chairs a table and a few candles, fulfilling your valentine to a tender memory that will keep coming back to you as a message of love. A thought that cannot be explained, only be savored between both of you.


Marriage the everlasting bond knitting souls of couples and still living beyond death. Is that actually true? Let’s find out. Now that we are willing to try this we first need to understand the proposal of love and commitment to keep that love up and running are two different things. We really need to understand the concept of being committed to the person you love. Well its like an addiction where the love to keep the other person happy and thereby growing in that addiction day after day. Now a days the level of patience has certainly decreased when it comes to tolerate the one you love. There are number of re-marriages, break ups, contractual marriages and many more.