Thursday, 26 April 2018


One of the hot topics that are often craved for is unsuccessful relationships, beak ups, or giving up on each other. Is not everything all right when both are together? Is not everything fine in this world when on trust another in love? Is not everything perfect if we can understand each other so well that we narrow down the fact of ego between those once called “love birds?”Some say that life is not a bed of roses. Throw back at all your wonderful memories to your first day of marriage that bed of roses does it ring a bell. Those beautiful promises made between two. That dinner time conversations conquered over situations growing worse and that memory of promising each other to walk though every thick and thin.


A reason to share the unconditional and unspoken emotions as innocent as the heart of a child. We begin this wonderful journey of love under a single roof of faith, trust and profound admiration for one another. With two empty chairs a table and a few candles, fulfilling your valentine to a tender memory that will keep coming back to you as a message of love. A thought that cannot be explained, only be savored between both of you.


Marriage the everlasting bond knitting souls of couples and still living beyond death. Is that actually true? Let’s find out. Now that we are willing to try this we first need to understand the proposal of love and commitment to keep that love up and running are two different things. We really need to understand the concept of being committed to the person you love. Well its like an addiction where the love to keep the other person happy and thereby growing in that addiction day after day. Now a days the level of patience has certainly decreased when it comes to tolerate the one you love. There are number of re-marriages, break ups, contractual marriages and many more.