Thursday, 28 June 2018


A day to remember, a Dress to be so special and the memory that would melt your heart at any given date and time. Your Marriage day! Well it’s this day of success in all forms of engagements. Just think about it. If your mind is happy it shows how successful you get in life. Well we are not talking about money but finding one self in these large ocean of Lost souls. Have you been there and now you found the love of your life and then you are married and the you get old in your marriage and feel that this is a successful  life and there could be nothing better that this. Well if yes or no we have a choice, a choice to make your loved one to breathe the happiest moment of their life though a memorable gift “The Marriage”


Is our life complete? If yes then why most of spend a lot of time thinking and living for others. Why is there a sacrifice involved in each selfless act? Why do we have to compromise? Well it’s a little rolling stone of emotion that become a reason to create a strong bond between two loved ones. This little emotion called Love creates a history in itself in each and everyone’s life. We love to celebrate this Love in the form of Marriage through a well organized and experienced group called the Muslim Marriage Events in London. With years of experience and advanced expertise the team with the name Star Events has become a pioneer in the Marriage Events Management in London.


Is that true when they say Marriage is a dream come true? Or when they feel that it’s such a great Luck that people get married. Will I feel it’s more than a reality? A reality that most people now a day’s fail to accept. It could be for many reasons or commitments , responsibilities in life or priorities. With everything said and done there is one driving factors for all our endeavors and that is Love. Anything and everything existing in this world can be loved. Well how great it would be when the same thing can love you back and make you feel special just the way you do it for them. A step towards that reality is the first step towards a happy married life. It’s all about respect we display for each other that takes us this long way. If this is unbelievable you need to thing about the soldiers who sacrifice their life for this country, aren’t they married? Yes most of them are. Now that’s how special and important is this relationship of marriage. A strong unshakable bond of trust, respect and unconditional love.


All we can do is to be who we are, all we can do is to be where we are, and all we can do is just Be True to your love. That would finally define the intensity of our commitment and the density of love for one another. People say Love is mother of all relationships and it’s true. This true love can create that bond between relationships that raises above all the odds. It sometime can be challenging when are in a relationship for a while to maintain the same vigor when you started one. But look back thing about the day you got married and have made it this far. How much matured you became and how much experience you gained. The thoughts of your marriage will get you out of all the negativity and that how powerful is your marriage day.