Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The marriage starts out as a huge celebration. Every couple dreams and hopes for their future life together. Partners should understand each other, and that it is for the love of and desire to commit to them that they make their vows and pray for a successful marriage.Healthy boundaries are essential in marriage, for boundaries create a balance between what is necessary for the relationship to grow, and what is required to remain true to oneself and one's convictions. Open and honest conversation are essential to a mature marriage. A couple that have developed a healthy rapport, in which they share about each other honestly and openly, are a couple not only in love, but in trust.Love is foundation in marriage and trust is the central pillar, it seeks to support and open,honest conversation the mortar that holds it upright.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Unique Muslim Marriage Events at Manchester

Marriage brings a strong nexus between men and women with a promise of staying happily together and understanding each other. It is a sacred covenant that gives meaning to their union, as they vow to be together until death do them part. Protecting this sanctity is one of the ways we can tribute to our past and have more hope in the future.It is a beautiful way for people to celebrate their love by respecting each other. People's love can still be respected without marriage.The art of marriage makes people happier,live longer and builds more economic security.